Joe Walker

My son’s experience with Joe through his online course, “Solo Like You Mean It” and via private lessons has been amazing!!

We started off with the online course and I watched my son begin to grasp concepts that were confusing or simply seemed too complicated to get on his own. Joe speaks so patiently and presents the material with such clarity that my teenager was actually excited to do the course work on his own.

As far as lessons go–I cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am!!! In just four months, my son has NOTICEABLY improved. In this short amount of time, he plays with more intelligence, speed and skill. He seems more confident and the look he has on his face when he plays well is just priceless. If you don’t live in Seattle, do yourself a favor and buy his online program and watch his YouTube videos. And, if you happen to be lucky enough to live in the area, TAKE LESSONS WITH JOE! You will improve and you won’t be sorry. Thank you so much!!!! : )