I felt well taken care of.

Joe Walker

Taking lessons with Joe @ Deft Digits was one of the best choices I ever made.

I was a bit anxious as I’d never taken guitar before, and I was juggling other extra curricular activities (demanding and extreme voice lessons, master’s school, a swamped workload).. but despite all that, Joe was such a great teacher.

Not only does he answer every question with great thought and consideration, but he cares to customize your guitar education in more ways than one. He knew I wasn’t trying to become a master guitarist, but more to learn enough to accompany myself while I sing. Knowing the kind of music I liked, he’d give out custom guitar exercises that were tailored towards my personal guitar goals as well as listen to the newest songs I was liking and would draft up chords for the song by the next lesson..

One of the details I always appreciated as a student of Joe’s is that he took notes of each lesson documenting our progress and noting what my homework was, that way on the next lesson we picked up right where we left off. This sounds small, but coming from other 1:1 instructors who hardly knew names MUCH LESS your progress – this was incredibly appreciated. I felt well taken care of as his student and felt like he genuinely cared about my goals and my progress.

In short, Joe is a phenomenal teacher – he’s the best choice you’ll ever make when it comes to your music education :)