All I can say is “wow!”

Joe Walker

I wasn’t sure how I would take to an actual lesson. In fact I’m probably a music teacher’s nightmare. I’m self-taught from an old Mel Bay Intro to Guitar book and have no academic musical background at all. Phrases like pentatonic scales, harmonic minor, diminished resolutions have no impact on me whatsoever. I cannot read music, I’ve only played “by ear” and along the way managed to get from strumming to an arpeggio or two and a reasonable facsimile of Travis picking. I should mention I’m 50ish with a very liberal “ish.” You know how set in our ways we are. So, it was with some trepidation that I contacted Joe and said I needed help getting back to my guitar after a 20 year lull. All I can say is “wow!” It was an hour well spent. Not being able to read music didn’t slow him down in the slightest. He worked with what I could do, changed my positions is some cases and gave me a good overall strategy for getting back into the game. He started me on Barre chords so I am now on my way to knowing all the notes on the guitar, in (not quite) nine days. Once these indentations turn into callouses…

Joe has a very easy going teaching style and can obviously relate to all manner of students. It seems that whatever style you play he can buff up the glow or get you to where you want to go. Do not let your lack of music theory hold you back. He could really help you!