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My daughter has been working with Joe for two years and continues to make amazing progress. His approach that lets her take the lead and explore different things that she is interested in has been key to keeping her engaged. That said, he also pushes her outside her comfort zone from time to time by teaching her new things she wouldn’t have pursued. She really enjoys working with him and the myriad opportunities he finds for her to play with other students and perform in public. Joe is willing to take on new challenges for himself as well, which is really inspiring to his students. I took banjo lessons with him for several months and was amazed at how his patience and sense of humor infused every lesson.
Kari O’Driscoll (on Google)
My two kids, age 7 and 10, take lessons from Joe (my 7 year old started when she was 5 1/2). Joe has the perfect balance of patience and encouragement. The kids learn the songs they like, and are also taught to read music and understand musical theory. Taking lessons from Joe has been an invaluable experience for my kids and they look forward to seeing him and demonstrating what they have practiced over the week. We plan to learn from Joe in the years to come and to enjoy a lifetime of guitar playing!
Sarah Johnson (on Google)
My son enjoyed took ukulele lessons from Joe for several months – he learned so much from him: reading notes, parts of the instrument, chords, various strumming techniques and playing the songs that my son wanted to learn (“Stitches” and “Safe and Sound”). My son has dyslexia, which never came up as an issue, and in fact Joe worked with the situation beautifully as he works with every child as an individual. Joe brings more to the table than your average music teacher – he organizes a concert for student in a local restaurant, allowing them the opportunity to perform for friends and family. Such a fun experience! I recommend Joe wholeheartedly.
Elizabeth Sumption (on Google)
Joe is an exceptional teacher. My daughter (9 yrs) has been taking lessons from him for nearly three years and we both appreciate his blend of expert instruction, humor, appreciation for a wide range of music, and high expectations. He’s also just a kind and thoughtful human being. Yes, getting her to practice is not easy but Joe makes the practice manageable (blend of “note races”, mystery songs, and song chosen by the student) with the baseline expectation that the guitar is “in your lap” at least once a day. He also creates low-key, optional performance experiences which add a level of fun and opportunity for students. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Amy C. (on Google)
Joe is simply amazing as an instructor. My son started with Joe when he was 6 and going into 1st. Joe was patient and immediately had him playing tunes that my son liked. He never lost interest and Joe was great at engaging him throughout the lesson even at a young age. Joe makes music fun while teaching technique and music theory. Joe figures out what you like from a music standpoint and builds on that so that you learn. Now I just can’t wait to take lessons from Joe. But my younger son is next.
Jen Muzia (on Google)
If you are looking for a guitar teacher and you are lucky enough to find an open slot in Joe’s schedule, do NOT hesitate – jump on it immediately. Joe is a gifted teacher who is able to use his deep guitar knowledge and interpersonal skills in concert to bring out the very best in his students. Our son (10) has been a student for 4+ years and we are extremely pleased with Joe’s guitar instruction and we recommend him very highly.
John Lewison (on Google)
I’m 50 years old and I’ve been taking lessons from Joe for 18 months or so. I’ve been playing for about 35 years but have no formal training. He’s been very helpful. Each lesson is a mix of theory instruction, reading and practical application. His location is great, his scheduling tools are excellent, and his makeup policy is good. My primary interest is rock, but he’s also great with jazz instruction. Most students at Deft Digits are younger than me; I’m always impressed with the quality of their performance. I wish I’d known to tell my parents that I needed lessons back when I was 15!
Bruce Taylor (on Google)
Joe did a great job getting to know me and made me feel very comfortable during the lesson. I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to improve their skills at any level.
Don J.
missy-sTaking lessons with Joe @ Deft Digits was one of the best choices I ever made.

I was a bit anxious as I’d never taken guitar before, and I was juggling other extra curricular activities (demanding and extreme voice lessons, master’s school, a swamped workload).. but despite all that, Joe was such a great teacher.

Not only does he answer every question with great thought and consideration, but he cares to customize your guitar education in more ways than one. He knew I wasn’t trying to become a master guitarist, but more to learn enough to accompany myself while I sing. Knowing the kind of music I liked, he’d give out custom guitar exercises that were tailored towards my personal guitar goals as well as listen to the newest songs I was liking and would draft up chords for the song by the next lesson..

One of the details I always appreciated as a student of Joe’s is that he took notes of each lesson documenting our progress and noting what my homework was, that way on the next lesson we picked up right where we left off. This sounds small, but coming from other 1:1 instructors who hardly knew names MUCH LESS your progress – this was incredibly appreciated. I felt well taken care of as his student and felt like he genuinely cared about my goals and my progress.

In short, Joe is a phenomenal teacher – he’s the best choice you’ll ever make when it comes to your music education :)
Missy S.

Joe is an amazing teacher no matter where you want to go with the guitar. He tailors his lessons to each student’s goals and needs very well — he can help you do anything, from strumming 4-chord camping songs to advanced jazz improvisation. I was looking to get more serious about my playing, and in just a few weeks I’ve seen an amazing improvement.

He has a professional attitude, but is able to keep things fun and always has the joy of making music in mind. He takes notes on each student and is well-prepared for each lesson. Fantastic!

Caley S. (on Yelp)

Decided to challenge myself and take guitar lessons again. If you are looking for a top-notch teacher, check out Deft Digits Lessons, run by my friend Joe Walker. He provides clear, meaningful instruction, and he does it all by skype and email!

Loren Perelman (on Facebook)

Great guy. Really understand music and technology. I really liked the way he brought technology into our lessons–breaking down songs, ear training. Joe helped me with some things I was working on, but also opened my mind up to other subjects – more theory and the Blues. This has really helped me become a better player.

Bryan S.

Since I started Joe has been more helpful in learning guitar and reading music than my previous teacher.

Will F.

Anyone with a Master’s degree in Jazz must know a thing or two about music theory! My favorite aspect of lessons is learning the ‘why’ behind the music. Joe is also very good at assessing confidence and skill level and giving weekly ‘homework’ that is challenging.

Josh L.

Joe is the real deal. I am a kindergarten teacher taking ukulele lessons with Joe. He really knows music theory, but most importantly for me, he knows how to teach in a way that is fun and supportive. He is especially good at meeting me where I am at as a musician and taking me to the next level. You will love this guy!

April R.

My 11 yr old son and I are taking lessons together and we are having a great time. I like how Joe pursues our interests in the lessons and challenges us while making it fun. In just the first month we learned several songs, shapes, and improvisation on both acoustic and electric. We will definitely continue!

Troy S. (on Google)

Joe Walker is the most thorough, responsible, and knowledgeable guitar teacher I’ve ever had. He covers all topics and genuinely cares about his students. He holds a masters degree in music, but also has a priceless amount of real-life, gigging experience, which makes him the most well-rounded guitar guy around. I’m thrilled to finally have found a guitar teacher who understands my needs.

Pauline F.

My son (age 7) and I (age 45) have been taking lessons with Joe and have both had a fantastic experience. He has had a deep education in in Jazz guitar, and a lot of experience performing blues-based rock. He is able to break down a riff into its components and use songs to expand our understanding of chords and scales, while keeping it fun. He is patient and careful in how he challenges my son but also keeps him engaged. The Deft Digits web site is a great resource.

Nat B. (on Google)

I really enjoyed the lesson you gave me on the bass guitar. Even learning a little bit of Purple Haze was very cool. I cannot wait to learn to play more.

I thought your lesson was easy for me to follow, and made me believe you can learn to play no matter what age you are.

Justin H.

I wasn’t sure how I would take to an actual lesson. In fact I’m probably a music teacher’s nightmare. I’m self-taught from an old Mel Bay Intro to Guitar book and have no academic musical background at all. Phrases like pentatonic scales, harmonic minor, diminished resolutions have no impact on me whatsoever. I cannot read music, I’ve only played “by ear” and along the way managed to get from strumming to an arpeggio or two and a reasonable facsimile of Travis picking. I should mention I’m 50ish with a very liberal “ish.” You know how set in our ways we are. So, it was with some trepidation that I contacted Joe and said I needed help getting back to my guitar after a 20 year lull. All I can say is “wow”! It was an hour well spent. Not being able to read music didn’t slow him down in the slightest. He worked with what I could do, changed my positions is some cases and gave me a good overall strategy for getting back into the game. He started me on Barre chords so I am now on my way to knowing all the notes on the guitar, in (not quite) nine days. Once these indentations turn into callouses…

Joe has a very easy going teaching style and can obviously relate to all manner of students. It seems that whatever style you play he can buff up the glow or get you to where you want to go. Do not let your lack of music theory hold you back. He could really help you!

Michael M.

Joe is a great teacher – friendly and knowledgeable. Taking lessons with him taught me a lot about so many subjects – guitar specific things like fretboard knowledge, and more general subjects like theory, arpeggios, or learning tunes. Also Joe gave me good practical advice for playing in jam sessions.

As a teacher he listens, is organized, and gives good feedback. In my case I had plenty of homework outside of the lessons to help me reach my goals.

Dan S. (on Yelp)

Joe is very professional and encouraging. He’s a guitar teacher who displays patience and calmness while still making it fun for our son. Joe took the time to find out what kind of music our 11 year-old is interested in learning and then tailored the teaching to his interests.

Stacy G.

Joe is a terrific guitar teacher. He’s patient and encouraging. He intuits my confidence and nervousness well and then adapts his teaching approach readily. He has a very fluid teaching style and he makes learning fun. I give two thumbs way up.

Sam Z. (on Yelp)

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