Student of the Month: Wesley

I first met Wesley seven years ago, when I started swapping teaching tips with another Seattle guitar teacher, Rob Hampton. Wesley was and still is one of Rob’s longest-standing students, and he’s since given me the opportunity to do some supplementary guitar work with him. His rhythm chops were well-formed after so many years of learning and performing, so our focus has been on lead guitar, learning to read music, and unlocking a little bit of the magic of Wesley’s personal guitar hero, Al Di Meola.

Having worked primarily as a soloist in the past, Wesley is now playing more often in groups, playing bass in the school band, and rocking out on guitar with friends. He’s a member of the bands Single-Use Containers and Dinghus Day.

Watch Wesley’s rhythm, lead, and vocal abilities on display in this clip of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”:

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