Student of the Month: Isabella

IsabellaCongratulations to 11-year-old Isabella, our February Student of the Month. Izzy’s been taking lessons at Deft Digits for a year and a half, and she’s utterly obsessed with strumming chords and singing her favorite pop/dance tunes. We must have worked through several dozen songs by now, providing an impressive array of applications for all the different chords we’ve covered. Isabella’s latest musical fascination is Melanie Martinez, spending most of her time mastering “Mad Hatter” and “Mrs. Potato Head.” Last week, she made her performing debut, playing Melanie’s “Mrs. Potato Head” and “Soap” with a friend on violin at their school’s Showcase.

I can’t wait to hear the music in Isabella’s future. She’s just learned her first real strumming pattern and is ready to use it on every song ever. Her singing gets clearer and more confident every time I see her, and I’m sure she’ll be ready to share her music in performances again and again after her first big rush.

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