Student of the Month: Bruce

Bruce is the July 2015 Deft Digits Student of the Month! Bruce loves his surf rock, and during the year that he’s been taking lessons with me, he’s opened my eyes to the genre. It turns out there’s a lot more than just “Wipe Out,” “Miserlou,” and “Pipeline.” Bands like Laika & the Cosmonauts can get pretty sophisticated! We tackle several new tunes every month, and they’re almost always new to me, making it an exciting challenge to pick these tunes apart with fresh ears. Bruce has also been working on various fretboard tools to help him handle all the lead guitar fireworks these songs call for: diagonal pentatonic scales, major pentatonic as well as minor, connecting scale shapes across the fretboard, and all manner of fancy chords.

Here’s Bruce wailing the tasty lead parts on “Sir Surfalot” by Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods with me on the spy/surf rhythm riffs.

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