Students of the Month: Brady and Ted

This month’s honors go to a pair of students, a father and son, who’ve been taking ukulele lessons with me for eight months. When they started, this was meant to be a secret project to be unveiled to their family once they’d prepared a strong performance of a full song. Brady (son) and Ted (father) chose Iz’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” sans vocals, for their big surprise. It’s not the easiest song around for complete beginners, but they jumped right in and showed remarkable persistence over many months. Bit by bit, they perfected the chords, the counting, and the strumming pattern, and finally brought it up to full speed, seamlessly connecting the several parts of the song. All that diligence paid off recently when they performed together for their family during a trip to Hawaii. And Brady has the perfect number ready to go for his school talent show next week!

Watch Brady and Ted perform their signature tune below. With the chord and strumming skills they’ve built up with this one song, I’m eager to see how quickly they devour their next hundred.

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