Allison Krauss

“When You Say Nothing At All” Guitar Chords

Written by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz. As performed by Allison Krauss.

Capo: 1st fret

Strumming: D1   +   D2   D+ U  D3   +   D4   D+ U 

Every chord is 1/2 measure (2 beats) unless otherwise noted.

D   A   G   A 
D   It’s ama A– zing how you G  can speak right A  to my heart D   A   G   A 
D   Without say A– ing a word G  you can Alight up the dark D   A   G   A 
G(1)Try as I may I could ne A(1)–  ver explain
D   What I hear A  when you don’t G  say a thing A(2) 


The Dsmile on your face A  lets me know G  that you need A  me
There’s a Dtruth in your eyes A  saying you’ll G  never leave A  me
The Dtouch of your hand A  says you’ll catch G(1)   me if ever I fall A(1)     G   A 
G(1)You say it best A(hold, 1)   when you say nothing at all D   A   G   A 

D   All day long A  I can hear G  people talk A– ing out loud D   A   G   A 
D   But when you A  hold me near G  you Adrown out the crowd D   A   G   A 
G(hold, 1)Old Mister Webster could ne A(hold, 1)–  ver define
DWhat’s being said A  between your G  heart and mine A(1) 

D   A   G   A 
D   A   G(1)     A(1)     G(1)    


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