“Joy to the World” Guitar Chords

Capo: Anywhere you like, depending on the singer’s vocal range. First note to sing matches open G string.

Strumming: Start with a single strum on each chord. Then try:
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

GJoy Dto the Gworld! Cthe GLord Dis Gcome;
Let Cearth re-Dceive her GKing;
Let eve-Cry Gheart prepare Chim Groom,
And heaven and nature sing, and Dheaven and nature sing,
And Gheaven, Cand Gheaven, Cand Gna-Dture Gsing.

GJoy Dto the Gworld! Cthe GSav-Diour Greigns;
Let Cmen their Dsongs em-Gploy;
While fields Cand Gfloods, rocks, Chills, and Gplains
Repeat the sounding joy, re-Dpeat the sounding joy,
Re-Gpeat, Cre-Gpeat Cthe Gsound-Ding Gjoy.

GNo Dmore let Gsins Cand Gsor-Drows Ggrow,
Nor Cthorns in-Dfest the Gground;
He comes Cto Gmake His bless-Cings Gflow
Far as the curse is found, far Das the curse is found,
Far Gas, Cfar Gas, Cthe Gcurse Dis Gfound.

GHe Drules the Gworld Cwith Gtruth Dand Ggrace,
And Cmakes the Dnations Gprove
The glo-Cries Gof His right-Ceous-Gness,
And wonders of His love, and Dwonders of His love,
And Gwon-Cders, Gwon-Cders, Gof DHis Glove.

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