Intro to Chord-Tone Soloing

Ever wonder why certain notes in a guitar solo sound so good? Learn how to nail those satisfying notes every time in this video lesson, made for one of my Seattle students, Chris.

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  • Dude, great lesson. I’m liking the wall of guitars haha.

  • Bruce Bailey

    Joe, you unlocked the mystery for me of how guitar soloists know what notes to play that fit into a song. Great lesson; glad I signed up!

  • Pieter de Milander

    Hi Joe, Congrats on a very effective teaching method. Compliments to your crew – lighting, sound and visual material! Could you please explain the following: – 1) Why or When would you choose to either play the Pentatonic (5 x note – ex B’s and F’s or C-A-G-E-D system) mode or the Diatonic (7 x note – ex # and b) scale? 2) What (practical)value does the Cycle of Fifths – or knowledge thereof – add to the Scales and Modes patterns? 3) Why is there so much emphasis on the Minor Pentatonic scales – except for the use of the same pattern wherever you find yourself on the fretboard – whilst the 7 seperate modes – C:Ionian, D:Dorian, E:Phrygian, F:Lydian, G:Mixolydian, A:Aeolian and B:Locrian – where there is a constant progressive pattern revolving around the uniformaty of T-T-s/T-T-T-T-s/T – are neglected? Thank you for your interest in our problems. Regards, Pieter de.