This Should Be Easy, But It’s Not

HammockHave you ever tried doing something new on the guitar, and it was far trickier than you anticipated? “This should be easy! Why can’t my fingers just do it?” Frustration aside, these are big moments in your musical development. Any time this happens, take a moment to reflect before ditching your guitar for the day. If you can work through this new thing that should have been easy, and eventually make it easy, I guarantee it will be a major breakthrough in your playing.

As you work through this new concept (it could be a scale, exercise, song, chord progression, etc.), keep in mind that your inability to do it easily right now does not mean that you’re inherently deficient in any way. It only means that you are less familiar with this thing than you thought. No big deal. What’s important now is to deal with the reality that it isn’t easy. Whether it takes a few hours or a few months, you will make it easy. It will feel as easy as breathing, and your playing will advance on all fronts because of it.

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