Mistakes Are Good for You

Huh? Read that title again. Mistakes really are good for you. Every mistake you make is a little red flag saying, “Want to become a better guitarist? Spend some time right here! Fix me!”

Check out this now-famous video of the “Angriest Guitar Player in the World”:

We all have a bit of that guy in us. For most people, it’s natural to respond to mistakes with anger, disappointment, negativity. But, as with all bad habits, this can be unlearned. The first step is to recognize that patience will help you out, and try using it when you feel yourself getting frustrated. You won’t become a patient person overnight, but it can be done if you persist in bettering your attitude. Proceed with the knowledge that mastery will come in time and with practice.

Remember, every mistake is like a bit of fog lifting from the path ahead. You know that following that path, fixing the mistake, is the way to improve. Will you take this golden opportunity and follow it? Or will you ignore it and hope that it doesn’t come back?

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