Deft Digits Guitar Picks

Deft Digits Guitar PicksIn case you hadn’t noticed, Deft Digits Guitar Lessons got a spanking new logo this month. (I had it done at MycroBurst, and was very happy with the results.) To celebrate, I gave myself an awesome Christmas gift: custom guitar picks.

I did a little shopping through various sites that offer custom guitar picks, and I found the best looking interface at Clayton Custom Guitar Picks. They have a slick design application on their website that lets you upload and manipulate images, previewing your product at every step. I ordered 200 thin Delrin picks with my new logo, and I love them! I offer a handful to all my students and visitors, and they’re thin enough that a beginner won’t have too much trouble with them.

If you ever find yourself in Seattle, drop by for some free picks!

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  • My new Deft Digits guitar pick has already made me a better musician! Thanks Deft Digits!

  • Cool picks man,
    I’ve thought seriously about doing this for my own business. I had this idea of starting up a grading system for younger students that was based on the whole karate belt color thing.
    So the students start with a white pick (whit belt) and work their way up to a black pick (black belt) after learning Scales or something.
    Cheers for the share might checkout clayton custom picks.