Deft Digits Tea Station

The Deft Digits Tea Station

Deft Digits Tea StationDisplayed in the photograph to the right is the “Tea Station” in the Deft Digits Guitar Lessons lobby. All students, parents, and guests are offered a cup of tea upon entering the teaching studio. It’s proving to be a big hit in these chilly months, and as I’m experiencing my first non-Californian winter in ten years, it warms me up as much as anyone.

Why Tea?

Because it’s easy. The more likely reason is that I had more tea, in variety and in total volume, than I could possibly handle myself at the time I started Deft Digits. A few years ago, I decided to give up coffee (didn’t last long) and replace it with tea. I found myself buying a couple boxes of new flavors with every grocery trip. I was soon overwhelmed, and I’ve since been chipping away at my collection of blacks, greens, whites, and herbals.

It could also have to do with my life-long obsession with this scene from Alice in Wonderland, one of the greatest in the history of cinema:

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