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New Online Study Tool: Custom Flash Cards

Flash CardsToday I release my latest online tool: Custom Flash Cards. It’s great for training brains and hands in any skill, but was made specifically for musicians who seek to master music theory, chords, scales, arpeggios, licks, you name it.

These flash cards are a little different from the conventional idea. Instead of one stack of index cards with a word or concept on the front and an answer on the back, imagine multiple stacks of cards with no answers. “Dealing” the cards will present one random card from each stack, creating one of many possible combinations you can use to train your test yourself or your students.

Take for example the modes of the major scale. There are seven modes that musicians are expected to know in all 12 keys. That’s 84 different scales! (If you’re a guitarist, you’ll need to know each one in five positions, bringing your total to 420 combinations!) Working through them systematically can get boring really quick, and isn’t likely to stick. The learning process can take years. So why not work on a few random scales each day? This preset exercise will show one random root (out of 12) and one random mode (out of 7). Each newly-mastered scale aids in learning the rest, especially when it doesn’t involve the shortcuts of following a systematic pattern.

I’ve kept this tool to myself since I wrote a rough version of it a few years ago. I’ve used it to create dozens of different exercises for myself and my students, a few of which are available in the presets. The possibilities are endless, and you can save your own exercises. Try it out, and please share it if you dig it. Let me know in the comments below if you come up with some good exercises yourself.

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