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At Deft Digits Guitar Lessons, I’ve helped thousands of guitarists achieve their musical goals. Drawing from deep backgrounds in computer science and jazz guitar, I create simple, fun, systematic approaches to learning all levels of guitar skills.

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I have played guitar for most of my life but without much ambition or great skill. A few years ago, after watching my son Peter turn into a very proficient drummer who loves to perform and to play loud and hard, I decided I needed to step up my game in the hopes of being able to join Peter at one of the coffee shop jams. Joe got me there very quickly and I am having great fun getting comfortable on stage and even singing some in addition to getting better at guitar. My son also decided to pick up bass (with Joe teaching him) to broaden his musical repertoire.

Joe is a very motivating, logical, and structured teacher. He is also a pretty great guitarist. I am looking forward to the lesson every week.

Bernhard Weigl

I met Joe shortly after he’d started his teaching business, Deft Digits Guitar Lessons, in Seattle in 2011. I quickly discovered we saw eye-to-eye, and this has been confirmed as we’ve become both collaborators and friends over the last few years.

He has a strong background in jazz, blues, classic rock, music theory, and improvisation, he loves working with beginners as well as advanced players, and he’s fantastic with kids.

With his structured but flexible approach, Joe addresses each student differently, customizing his curriculum for your own musical ambitions, whether you’re eager to play your favorite songs around a campfire, ready to master the fretboard after many years on the guitar, or just intent on becoming the next guitar god. Be sure to check out all the free articles and videos on his website.

Rob Hampton, Heartwood Guitar Instruction

Joe is simply amazing as an instructor. My son started with Joe when he was 6 and going into 1st. Joe was patient and immediately had him playing tunes that my son liked. He never lost interest and Joe was great at engaging him throughout the lesson even at a young age. Joe makes music fun while teaching technique and music theory. Joe figures out what you like from a music standpoint and builds on that so that you learn. Now I just can’t wait to take lessons from Joe. But my younger son is next.

Jen Muzia

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In this FREE 3-day video course, you'll learn the guitar scale practice method I teach to all of my private students, and it will help you build the muscle memory you need to make real music like a pro.

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